Flight Simulator X Norway commercial sceneries

Last updated: The 8th of June 2017

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www.ippc.no    Select AIS Publications -> AIP - Norway

Alta X ENAT - Jo Erlend Sund, Simen Nygaard    Aerosoft

SimFlight review
Bergen X - Flesland ENBR - Jo Erlend Sund    Aerosoft
Hammerfest ENHF for Orbx FTX Norway - Orbx    Orbx

Mutley's Hangar review
Narvik ENNK for Orbx FTX Norway - Orbx    Orbx

Mutley's Hangar review
Notodden ENNO for Orbx FTX Norway - Orbx    Orbx

Calypte Aviation review
Oslo-Gardermoen ENGM Mega Airport V2.0 - Jo Erlend Sund    Aerosoft   AirDailyX FirstLook

Road traffic
Sandane ENSD for Orbx FTX Norway - Orbx    Orbx
Sogndal Haukåsen ENSG for Orbx FTX Norway - Orbx    Orbx
Stavanger ENZV - Jo Erlend Sund Aerosoft
Svalbard-Longyear X ENSB - Joakim Tychesen    Aerosoft
Svolvær X ENSH - Jo Erlend Sund / Simen Nygaard    Aerosoft
Torp Sandefjord X ENTO - Joakim Tychesen    Aerosoft
Tromsø X ENTC - Jo Erlend Sund    Aerosoft   Mutley's Hangar review
Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0 ENVA - Jo Erlend Sund    Aerosoft
Værøy X ENVY airport and ENVR heliport - Jo Erlend Sund    Aerosoft

Non airport sceneries

FTX Norway - Orbx    Orbx   AirDailyX review part 1

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