Flight Simulator X & Prepar3D China commercial sceneries

Last updated: The 18th of March 2019

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Beijing ZBAA - A_A Sceneries SimMarket
Beijing ZBAA - WF Scenery Studio - only SimMarket

Replacement AFCAD
Chengdu, Shuangliu ZUUU - Bridge - Prepar3D v3 or v4 only SimMarket
Mohe Gulian ZYMH - Dazzle Colour Game SimMarket
Changchun Longjia ZYCC - Dazzle Colour Game SimMarket
Dalian, Zhoushuizi ZYTL - BF Flight Scenery - only SimMarket
Guangzhou Baiyun ZGGG - Bridge SimMarket
Haikou Jiazi ZJJZ - FSCGAA - only SimMarket
Haikou Meilan ZJHK - Skysoft SimMarket
Hangzhou Xiaoshan ZSHC - WF Scenery Studio FSX version

Prepar3D v4 version
Huai'an Lianshui ZSSH - Celestial Team SimMarket
Kashgar ZWSH - BGD - only SimMarket
Lhasa Gonggar ZULS - Dazzle Colour Game SimMarket
Panzhihua, Baoanying ZUZH - Fireball SimMarket
Lijiang Sanyi ZPLJ - Skysoft SimMarket
Macao VMMC - Thai Creations SimMarket
Macao X - Samsoft SimMarket
Nanyang Jiangying ZHNY - Celestial Team SimMarket
Ningbo Lishe ZSNB - Asian Airports    FSX & Prepar3D v2/v3 version

Prepar3D v4 version
Sanya Phoenix ZJSY - Alex Design SimMarket
Shanghai Hongqiao ZSSS - Elite-Air Studio SimMarket
Shanghai Hongqiao ZSSS - WF Scenery Studio FSX & Prepar3D v2/v3 version

Prepar3D v4 version
Shanghai Pudong ZSPD - Elite-Air Studio SimMarket   Simflight review
Shanghai Pudong ZSPD - ImagineSim ImagineSim   SimMarket   P3D version

AirDailyX FirstLook
Shenyang, Taoxian ZYTX, Liaoning - Destination - only SimMarket
Tianzi Lake ZSTZ - FSCGAA - only SimMarket
Tibet See Tibet
Urumchi Diwopu ZWWW - Dazzle Colour Game SimMarket
Xi'An Xianyang ZLXY - WF Scenery Studio Prepar3D v3 version

Prepar3D v4 version
Xiamen Gaoqi ZSAM - Pacific Islands Simulation FSX version

Prepar3D v4 version
Yulin Yuyang ZLYL - Skysoft Simulation SimMarket
Yunnan Dali ZPDL - Dazzle Colour Game SimMarket
Zhengzhou Xinzheng ZHCC - WF Scenery Studio - only SimMarket
Zhuhai Jinwan ZGSD - Bridge SimMarket

Non airport sceneries

FS Real China Base 2017 - FS Real China Team SimMarket
Gibson Sceneries for Flight Simulator - Hong Kong to Shanghai    SimMarket
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