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Mutley's Hangar - Registration required

Last updated: the 14th of May 2021

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Repaint list for the A2A C172, A2A Cherokee, A2A C182 Skylane, A2A Comanche, A2A L049 Constellation and A2A T-6 Texan

Alaska Last updated: the 23rd of February 2021

Antigua & Barbuda, Caribbean   Scenery map

Antigua, V.C. Bird TAPA - TropicalSim SimMarket

Antilles Last updated: the 26th of February 2021

Argentina   Scenery map

Buenos Aires, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery SABE - CentralSim SimMarket
Rio Gallegos SAWG, Patagonia - Simulacion Extrema SimMarket
Ushuaia, Malvinas Aegentinas SAWH - Simulacion Extrema SimMarket

Armenia   Scenery map

Yerevan, Zvartsnots UDYZ - AmSim SimMarket

Australia Last updated: the 24th of March 2021

Austria Last updated: the 11th of March 2021

Belgium   Scenery map

Ostend Bruges EBOS - fsxscenery SimMarket

Brazil Last updated: the 19th of February 2021

Canada Last updated: the 22nd of April 2021

Chile Last updated: the 23rd of February 2021

Colombia Last updated: the 30th of April 2021

Costa Rica   Scenery map

Liberia MRLB - Dreamflight Studios SimMarket

Croatia   Scenery map

Rijeka LDRI - MXI Design SimMarket
Split LDSP - Davor Puljevic SimMarket

Cuba   Scenery map

Cayo Coco, Jardines del Rey MUCC - fsxscenery SimMarket
Cayo Largo del Sur, Vilo Acuna MUCL - fsxscenery SimMarket
Santiago MUCU - fsxscenery SimMarket
Varadero, Juan Gualberto Gomez MUVR - fsxscenery SimMarket

Denmark Last updated: the 14th of April 2021

Ecuador   Scenery map

Guayaguil, Jise Joaquin de Olmedo SEGU - fsxscenery SimMarket
Guayaguil, Jise Joaquin de Olmedo SEGU - Sierrasim Simulation SimMarket

France Last updated: the 29th of April 2021

Germany Last updated: the 15th of April 2021

Greece Last updated: the 11th of March 2021

Guinea   Scenery map

Conakry, Gbessia GUCY - fsxscenery SimMarket

Guyana   Scenery map

Cheddi Jagan SYCJ - fsxscenery SimMarket

Hawaii Last updated: the 8th of April 2021

Hong Kong   Scenery map

Kai Tak VHHX - Redwing Sim SimMarket

Iceland   Scenery map

Isafjordur BIIS - Pearl Simulations 2 SimMarket
Keflavik BIKF - MK Studios SimMarket

Latvia   Scenery map

Riga EVRA - JustSim SimMarket

Liberia   Scenery map

Monrovia, Roberts GLRB - Africa4FS SimMarket

Indonesia Last updated: the 26th of March 2021

Italy Last updated: the 26th of April 2021

Japan Last updated: the 7th of April 2021

Jordan   Scenery map

Amman, Queen Alia OJAI - MFSG SimMarket

Kenya   Scenery map

Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta HKJK - FSDG FSDG Online

Liberia   Scenery map

Monrovia, Roberts GLRB - Africa4FS SimMarket

Madagascar   Scenery map

Nosy Be, Fascene FMNN - DSky Aerosoft

Mauritius   Scenery map

Mauritius island scenery plus FIMP airport - FSDG FSDG Online

Mexico Last updated: the 8th of April 2021


Podgorica LYPG - MM Simulations SimMarket
Tivat LYTV - Pyreegue Dev Co. SimMarket

Morocco   Scenery map

Agadir GMAD - FSDG FSDG Online

Namibia   Scenery map

Walvis Bay FYWB - FSDG FSDG-Online
Windhoek FYWH - FSDG FSDG-Online

Nicaragua   Scenery map

Managua, Augusto C. Sandino MNMG - Sierrasim Simulation SimMarket

Norway Last updated: the 4th of May 2021

Pakistan   Scenery map

Faisalabad OPFA - SimArc SimMarket
Islamabad OPIS - SimArc SimMarket

Peru   Scenery map

Cuzco SPZO - FSDG FSDG Online

Philippines   Scenery map

Davao RPMD - BDOaviation SimMarket
Manila, Ninoy Aquino RPLL - Cloudsurf Asia Simulations Orbx
Zamboanga RPMZ - Airwil Sceneries SimMarket

Portugal Last updated: the 19th of January 2021

Puerto Rico   Scenery map

Aguadilla, Rafael Hernandez TJBQ - CentralSim SimMarket
San Juan TJSJ - LatinVFR LatinVFR

Russian Federation   Scenery map

Severka airfield UUML - Russian Digital Simulations SimMarket
Vladivostok UHWW - RUSD SimMarket
Yekaterinburg, Koltosovo USSS, Aramil, Uktus USSK - AeroWulf SimMarket
Moscow Landmarks - Drzewiecki Design Drzewiecki Design
Saint Petersburg Landmarks - AviaJam Production SimMarket

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines   Scenery map

Grenadines Islands, including Union TVSU and Lauriston TGPZ - DSky SimMarket

Senegal   Scenery map

Diass, Blaise Diagne GOBD - Devinci SimMarket

Serbia   Scenery map

Niš, Constantine the Great LYNI - Orbx Orbx

Singapore   Scenery map

Singapore, Chaingi WSSS - Cloudsurf Asia Simulations SimMarket
Singapore City Pack - Orbx Orbx Direct

Slovenia   Scenery map

Maribor, Edvard Rusjan LJMB - MXI Design SimMarket

South Africa Last updated: the 14th of September 2020

Spain Last updated: the 1st of April 2021

Sweden Last updated: the 7th of December 2020

Switzerland Last updated: the 30th of April 2021

Turkey Last updated: the 17st of February 2021

United Arab Emirates   Scenery map

Sharjah OMSJ - Arima SimMarket

Ukraine   Scenery map

Kiev, Boryspil UKBB - Pyreegue Dev Co. SimMarket
Lviv UKLL - Pyreegue Dev Co. SimMarket

United Kingdom Last updated: the 21st of April 2021

United States Last updated: the 18th of March 2021

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