Flight Simulator X Japan commercial sceneries

Last updated: The 8th of October 2019

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Flight Simulator 2004 Japan sceneries

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AIS Japan

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Asahikawa RJEC - MFSG SimMarket
Chofu RJTF - MFSG SimMarket
Chubu Centrair RJGG - Pacific Islands Simulations FSX/Prepar3D v2 version

Prepar3D v4 version
Fukuoka RJFF - AeroSim AeroSim
Fukushima RJSF - Wing Creation SimMarket
Kitakyushu RJFR - MFSG SimMarket
Kobe RJBE - AeroSim AeroSim
Kozushima RJAZ - MFSG SimMarket
Kushiro RJCK - MFSG SimMarket
Matsuyama RJOM - MFSG SimMarket
Miyazaki RJFM - MFSG SimMarket
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka RJNS - Wing Creation    SimMarket
Nagasaki RJFU & Omura OMJ - Pacific Islands Simulation Pacific Islands Simulation   FSX/Prepar3D v2 version

Prepar3D v4 version
Nagasaki RJFU - Wing Creation SimMarket
Naha ROAH, Okinawa - TechnoBrain    SimMarket
Narita RJAA - Wing Creation SimMarket
New Chitose RJCC - TechnoBrain    SimMarket
Niigata RJSN - Wing Creation SimMarket
Niijima RJAN - mfsg SimMarket
Osaka, Kansai RJBB - AeroSim AeroSim
Osaka, Kansai RJBB - BDOaviation SimMarket
Oshima RJTO - MFSG SimMarket
Sendai RJSS, Matushima RJST - Wingcreation SimMarket
Tokyo, Haneda RJTT - TechnoBrain    SimMarket
Yamagata RJSC - mfsg SimMarket

Non airport sceneries

Japan Wow Volume one. Includes Sapporo and Hakodate - SamScene3D    Samscene3D
Osaka XCity - SamScene    SimMarket
Tokyo city scenery - Ochiai SimMarket Tokyo Wow City X - SamScene3D    Samscene3D
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